Info on the CRACKing of Hal's second challenge

After 114456 seconds (31h 47m 36s) at 01:48:04 on 26th August 1995, Pete Wenzel <> reported that he had found the key - 9636340d46.

Credits are available as plain text and as a table (needs a browser which supports tables !).

I have the decoded request and reply.

I am collecting some anecdotes, but it may take some time.

This project was set up to check the portability of the client code and look for problems with the client/server interactions -- it certainly did that ! May I take this opportunity to thank you all for your patience and repeated reloads of the latest client code (it's a shame that the few that did not have the latest code had such a drastic effect). However, it didn't do too badly at actually getting the job done.

Of 65536 24bit segments, I have received ACKs for 31160 (47%) and allocated a further 14602 (22%) which were not ACKed (I suspect these were mostly caused by problems with the earlier client code).

Quite large summaries are available for everything, ACKed segments and UNACKed segments
If people have keys to ACK, please feel free so to do, and I'll add them to the stats (eventually!).

I shall put more info here as I get it, but it may have to wait a bit as I'm stuck at home looking after the kids ...
Mail me if there are any particular bits of info you want put up here ...

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