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Fortify is available in many flavours - as a self-extracting distribution for Windows 95/98 and NT or as a self-extracting distribution for the Macintosh, or as a Zip archive for IBM OS/2, or as a .tar.gz distribution for the Unix platforms.

Separate Unix distributions are available according to CPU type. If you are unsure which Unix distribution you need, please refer to the list of operating systems on the versions page.

Each archive includes pre-compiled binaries for maximum ease of use, all associated run-time configuration files, plus a copy of the README documentation. The source code that corresponds to each binary distribution is packaged separately, using the same version number.

All Fortify for Netscape distributions are digitally signed, for verification and authentication purposes. A 2048-bit PGP key pair is used as the signing key. If you wish to check the authenticity of a Fortify for Netscape distribution, you must download the relevant PGP signature file (below), along with a copy of the public PGP signing key. Both these files should only be downloaded from the secure web server.

To download, make a selection from this table:-

Latest Official Distributions

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up to v4.72)

up to v4.72)

(Netscape v4.06
to v4.72 only)

(Netscape v2.02,
v4.04, v4.61 only)
Binary Distributions
alpha-v1.4.6 click here
hppa-v1.4.6 click here
mips-v1.4.6 click here
ppc-v1.4.6 click here
sparc-v1.4.6 click here
x86-v1.4.6 click here
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Italiano Click here    
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Click here Click here Click here Source code is
included in the
binary distribution.

Ready-to-run Binary Distributions: checksums and signatures

MD5 checksum Detached PGP
signature file
Win32 English v2.2.5 478643 83fb199685dbaf460d4d51e7647199bb [PGP-Sig]
Win32 Deutsch v2.2.5 479985 9437cbc23d0fcaadbf6d369228d59952 [PGP-Sig]
Win32 Italiano v2.2.5 535620 39a6043c2a9c30c445e648bb6b69233d [PGP-Sig]
Win32 Svenska v2.2.5 535509 22c1dee28a06b00d6bdf1f7872f44db0 [PGP-Sig]
Win32 Polski v2.2.5 536092 ce24e0cb1f3c4be7a178c255953c0e1a [PGP-Sig]
Win32 Russian v2.2.5 536711 8a2a62c670935588840fcd816d85acd8 [PGP-Sig]
Win32 Espanol-Mexico v2.2.5 480058 16bb9fd1cd9a774699429302f2de9858 [PGP-Sig]
MacOS v2.2.6 529152 7268934ad2ba3103b8f673785fa8a53b [PGP-Sig]
OS/2 v1.4.5 325332 593d2ff35640af8c0a3c2b304fc76642 [PGP-Sig]
Unix-alpha v1.4.6 361153 0569aee45038ff534791ac042064ab82 [PGP-Sig]
Unix-hppa v1.4.6 204521 d540ae40659118bde02aa5d31b992904 [PGP-Sig]
Unix-mips v1.4.6 215593 f98a4ae7754844be2311ca9888ea70ad [PGP-Sig]
Unix-ppc v1.4.6 536443 bd6aded64b73b3b007df824f59d2ca7f [PGP-Sig]
Unix-sparc v1.4.6 290819 b8c13b559c1468f3c423b4ce1e156cc9 [PGP-Sig]
Unix-x86 v1.4.6 432956 93fd03a90dcfbf8d55ce0785d2a42ffc [PGP-Sig]

Source-code-only Distributions: checksums and signatures

MD5 checksum Detached PGP
signature file
Win32-src v2.2.5 178446 fa3b20e4e2f0537c91b3b395d6ce0e59 [PGP-Sig]
MacOS-src v2.2.6 342016 4dc836901ea2f7b2b690721ea72a943c [PGP-Sig]
Unix-src v1.4.6 278224 129ab43043a62e7494b991ab5182c1f8 [PGP-Sig]