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Jan 2000 Updates

In line with recent changes to the U.S. Goverment export laws, Netscape has released their v4.7x 128-bit U.S. domestic web browsers for worldwide download.


Previously these U.S. domestic versions were available only to U.S. and Canadian citizens. Now anyone can obtain these browsers directly from the Netscape web site after answering a one-click eligibility question.

So you now have a choice when obtaining your strong cryptography. You can obtain it either by download from the Netscape web site, or by applying Fortify for Netscape to an export-grade browser.

(Note that this change has not yet been extended to the web browsers distributed through the Netscape FTP servers, or through Netscape's partner and third-party servers. The software on these servers is currently export-grade grade only).

It is anticipated that all future strong-crypto versions of Netscape Communicator and Navigator will also be available to worldwide users, and therefore future updates to Fortify for Netscape will be superfluous. The most recent release of Fortify for Netscape (v2.2.5 on Windows, v2.2.6 on MacOS, v1.4.6 on Unix, v1.4.5 on OS/2) was created as a transitionary release, to assist users while the Netscape strong-crypto browsers become more widely adopted. This release supports all versions of Netscape Navigator and Communicator from v3.01 to v4.72 inclusive. Fortify for Netscape will remain fixed at these release levels until further notice, i.e. it will not support Netscape v4.73 onwards.

Naturally, all existing versions of Fortify for Netscape will remain available, and there are no changes to the existing licensing terms or licensing requirements. All existing commercial licences and commercial support contracts will be honoured. Furthermore, orders will still be accepted for commercial licences to cover the existing versions of Fortify for Netscape. Commercial enquiries and orders should be placed through this form in the first instance.

The Fortify project is - and always has been - dedicated to the cause of disemminating strong cryptography outside U.S. borders. We welcome and applaud this development in export control. It is a positive step towards a more equitable and more secure Internet.